The utmost professionalism and painstaking care for details.

All the processing phases use the most sophisticated technology under the constantly watchful eye of highly qualified specialists.

In the Door style, the human aspect is vital to ensure that every model is perfect from every perspective. The utmost care for every technical and aesthetic detail is an integral part of the production process, which lies in the hands of experts and under demanding and meticulous eyes.

Territorial roots

The company and its surroundings: a stone's throw away from Venice and at the heart of Friuli.

Occupying a strategic position both on a business and cultural level. The Company is located in Pordenone in the Livenza Furniture district which amasses 800 companies found within this sector, a genuine hub of excellence.

An Italian area also famous for its food and wine: the Doc Friuli Grave produces some of the best Italian wines. Just an hour away on the motorway are the Marco Polo Polo e Venezia, patrimonio mondiale airport and Venice, a UNESCO World Heritage site and home to international events such as the Film Festival and the Venice Art Biennale. In the same amount of time, from Pordenone it is possible to get to Trieste, a city of science and a place of great multiculturalism.


The strengths that emphasize the value of the products.

The story of the company demonstrates an unusual ability to intercept market requirements.

We now present a new generation of doors with exclusive qualities in terms of design, aesthetics, resistance.